Dino Sphere

Dino Sphere


Product Description

Every night thousands of bioluminescent plankton called dinoflagellates illuminate this oceanic environment when you gently swirl it.  They require indirect moderate light during the day and they'll treat you to a soft blue light show at night.  Quiet, compact, and easy to care for, the Dino Sphere lets you hold one of nature's most magical phenomena in the palm of your hand. It makes a unique interactive aquarium, and an awe-inspiring work of living art. Please keep in mind that the Dino Sphere will only produce bioluminescence during nighttime hours, in the dark when swirled or shaken.

Included with the Dino Sphere:

  • Hand-blown glass semi-sphere with a flat bottom (10cm diameter)
  • Living, bioluminescent dinoflagellates (220ml)
  • Ventilated silicone/cork plug
  • Care instructions

Processing Time: 3-5 Business Days (Ships Separately)